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You are invited to one of the craziest weddings that will ever occur! We’ve got co-maid of honors who don’t see eye to eye, a bride whose nerves are through the roof, a best man who is all looks and no brains, a jinxed cater waiter, a WASP mother of the groom and a Jewish mother of the bride, not to mention an ex-boyfriend who invites himself to the wedding. All of these insane characters come together for a day of wedded bliss!

Working on a show about a wedding brings up a lot of memories (good and bad) for our cast. Over the next couple weeks I’ll post stories from the cast. Some are sweet, others are just waiting to be made in to a Katherine Heigl movie. We’d love to hear your stories as well!

Please join us in Issaquah March 12-April 21 and in Everett April 28-May 20. You won’t regret RSVPing to this wedding!

See you there!

Kat Ramsburg (Jenny, Sister of the Bride)


Dennis Bateman (plays Albert Crowley, the Wedding Planner)

“As I entered the church, my [soon to be] wife’s uncle told me, ‘There’s still time to run.” Dennis went through with the wedding. “Following the wedding we had our reception on an old steam locomotive which travelled a few miles from Ringoes to Flemington, NJ (famous only for the trial of Bruno Richard Hauptmann in ’34) after which I was almost arrested for driving while tipsy the wrong way down a one-way street. The cop let me off ’cause I’d just got married.”


Mara Solar (plays Rebecca, the Bride)

“My only cousin decided that September 6 would be the perfect wedding day. That also happens to be my birthday. I wasn’t super stoked about having to fly to Denver and be away from my friends and boyfriend for my 24th birthday, but hey, I’ve always had a pretty good time at weddings, so how bad could it be? Turned out to be my worst birthday ever. Just a few days before, my cheating boyfriend dumped me. So there I was in Denver, a total wreck, attending a wedding. I tried to put on a happy face as much as I could but in every photo I just look horribly angry! I did manage to break a smile when the entire wedding sang happy birthday to me at the reception, but for the most part, I think my demeanor was pretty pathetic. I hated every happy couple I saw, just like single girls on Valentine’s day. Anyway, long story short, I moved on, and have gone back to loving every wedding I attend, especially this one!

Timothy Wilson (plays Brian, the Groom)

“My favorite wedding memory is from when I was three years old. My babysitter was the bride and I was asked to be the ring bearer. Even at three years old, I knew I was in love with her so obviously I was devastated that she would marry someone else. When it was my turn to walk down the aisle I was sobbing. Following the wedding I saw the best man crying as well. I figured he must have been in love with the bride as well.”


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