A Message from the Desk of Robb Hunt

September 30, 2021

When the other founders of Village Theatre and I took our first steps toward the creation and establishment of this organization, we had dreams of what it could be and what our hard work would bring to the stage and our community. As Executive Producer, I have had the privilege to lead this incredible theatre into the future and I wanted to take this opportunity to share with all of you that, after 43 years, I will be retiring this season.

The innumerable patrons who have entered our doors, the incredible artists who have shared their talent, the students who have learned with us and brought those lessons with them throughout their lives, the shows we have brought from page to stage for the first time, and the stories we have told only begin to encapsulate my time with Village Theatre. It is a legacy I am grateful to be part of. This institution will continue to tell stories and will continue to dream. We have built something truly wonderful together.

I have worked alongside incredible partners striving to make our dreams into reality. Together we have built Village Theatre into what it is today. From our first nine show season, to what I know will be an incredible Welcome Back Season this year, our staff, artists, volunteers, and teachers have brought the passion and enthusiasm required to establish a theatre with this kind of history. This organization has experienced its share of triumphs and challenges along the way, but the loyalty and passion of our audiences has remained constant. I have been honored to collaborate with a wonderful team through those ups and downs to bring the magic of theatre to all of you.

We have also announced that, after three years as our Artistic Director, Jerry Dixon is transitioning to an Artistic Consultant for this season. We are so glad that he will be directing Raisin in the spring and continuing to advise throughout the year. I am grateful for Jerry’s leadership, artistic voice, and contributions to Village Theatre. I look forward to following his future artistic endeavors. We are fortunate to have an outstanding team of Associate Artistic Directors to shepherd the 2022 season as we build our transition plans. There will be more to come about the transition and the search for our new leadership in the coming months and I will support of our Board of Directors in this search and transition throughout the season.

As I begin this new chapter of my life, I am grateful to have been able to build an organization with the ability to dream and leave it to you all to continue the quest.  Thank you for dreaming along with me and standing alongside Village Theatre.

Robb Hunt
Executive Producer

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