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We posted a survey on our Facebook page not too long ago asking our Fans what it was they wanted to read more about with regard to the new musical The Gypsy King. Well, the Fans have spoken! They want to learn more about the cast, so we’re doing our best to bring you effective and fun interviews with those you’ll see performing on the Mainstage through April 25 in Issaquah, and in Everett from April 30-May 23.

Below you’ll see a smashing interview with Jose Gonzales — check. it. out!

VT: What character do you play in the show? How would you describe him?

Jose: My main part is Prince Dijon, but I also play a Guard and The Executioner (let’s chop some heads off!). Prince Dijon is like a demented Fabio- kind of scary but alot of fun, and very silly!

Left: Jose Gonzales; Right: Jose’s transformation to Prince Dijon. Photo by Jay Koh.

VT: What part of working on a new musical is most exciting for you?

I am a music lover. I play jazz piano and sing so any chance to work on any musical is great fun. A new musical has many challenges- script changes, new music, audience reaction- and all these things make for an exciting and dynamic process.

VT: What aspect of the show do you think audiences are enjoying most?

Jose: I think people just love to laugh. This show hits many parts of the funny bone, and when you’re able to focus your energies and timing to get the perfect laugh- well, that’s what we aim for every night.

Photo by Jay Koh.

VT: How do you keep your performance fresh after so many performances?

Jose: Keeping a performance fresh is the main job during the run of a show. I always try to listen as closely as possible so I can get myself in the scene. I also like to try little variations on things I’ve done already- like the flying leap onstage as Dijon. How I land and where that takes me varies for each performance. That’s one of the joys of live theatre.

VT: For those who have seen the show, and for those who haven’t, tell us about that wig!!

Jose: The wig…well, without that amazing wig and tiny crown put together by our fab wigmaster, Doug Decker, Dijon wouldn’t have the life he has! It’s one of the best wigs I’ve ever worn, and it kills onstage every night. Our dresser, Korby, secures it to my head with 7 or 8 monster hair pins about five minutes before my entrance. Once I enter, it has a life of it’s own, and it inspires me to great silliness.

Funny wig story: at a matinee one weekend, as I was prancing and singing and dancing around, a large piece of hair got caught in my mouth right at the end of the song. A little gag moment for me, but very funny nonetheless. Maybe I should get hazard pay for donning that crazy wig! I love that wig and am thinking of having it with me for every play I do (haha!).

Thanks, Jose!


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