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The View From Above


Looking down from the balcony, you can really see how the set is starting to take shape.


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Under Construction


The crew is hard at work constructing the set for TOMMY; they have spent weeks building it in sections off-site. During the “load-in,” the set is brought to the stage in pieces and put together on stage. Doesn’t look like much now, but — just you wait!

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Spokeswoman Spokeswoman

One more make-up test for Alexis Clarke, this one for her “Spokeswoman” character.

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English Woman Nurse Police

In this test, Alexis Clarke begins as “English Woman,” then adds various accouterments to become “Nurse” and “Police.”

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Fan   Fan

Fan   Lass

Alexis Clarke tests looks for “Fan” and “Lass.”

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Make-Up Test

TOMMY make-up test

At this point in the rehearsal process, the perfect look for each character is still under development. “Make-up tests” allow hair, make-up, and costume designers — and the director — to finesse each design.

Here, make-up artist Danyale Cook experiments on actor Alexis Clarke, who plays multiple roles in the show including “English Woman,” “Lass,” and “Fan.”

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Visions of TOMMY

The Who’s TOMMY

We used an original watercolor by Elizabeth Stam for the TOMMY poster — here’s the original artwork, unfettered by dates and phone numbers.

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