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Scenes from the scene shop

Set Plans

Making Signs


Drive In

All Signs Point To Yes in the scene shop for Once Upon a Time in New Jersey.


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Setting the stage…


A model of the set design by Bill Forrester.

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Poster Image

…Jersey poster image
Here is the beautiful image we used on the poster for Once Upon A Time In New Jersey. Original watercolor by Elizabeth Stam.

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Starting the process

Feb 6,
First day of rehearsal and the constructing of a new show begins. Susan, Stephen and Steve discuss potential alterations in the script. The sequence of the 2nd and 3rd songs will be changed to bring more focus to Vinnie, our hero. The Narrator will play more characters to add to the storytelling style, a song “Married to a Thug,” cut from a previous version, will be added back in. And this is the first day! It seems like everyone is on the same page with regards to the theme and style of the show. There is a lot of excitement with getting the ball (or in this case rehearsals) rolling.


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Once Upon A Time…

…there was a blog about the adventure of creating Once Upon A Time In New Jersey on stage; stay tuned for posts from actors, directors, designers, and more!

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